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Stacy Silver Biography Photo Stacy Silver Biography
Born: 5/7/1981
Aliases: Dana, Stacie Silver, Jeneveve Jolie, Stefy, Donna Tova, Judit, Stacy, Stacey Silver, Stacy Lovecock, Sarah

Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Province / State: Jihormoravsky Kraj
Place of Birth: Brno
Birth Name: Dana Mandotova
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Height: 168 cm - 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight: 57 kg - 128 lbs
Measurements: 36D-26-36
Career Status: Active
Shoe Size: 7.5
Tattoos: Tribal tattoo on right shoulder
Piercings: one piercing on her tongue and one on her navel

No. of adult films: 135 as actress, 6 as director

One and all can and have Czeched this ultra hot Czech babe out. She is one hot number for the viewing; her penetrating bluish silver eyes can capture and mesmerize the most daring of them all. Modeling was always in the cards for this natural beauty, she has the looks to kill and the body to accentuate any form, fit or product she sees necessary. Making many friends internationally, as a well travelled artist of her trade boasting a personality to compliment any personae in any field at any time, making those friends and business associates is no real challenge. A first impression leaves its best marks for her, with her never met a stranger I didn’t like attitude, she has and will always go far in her ventures in the adult playgrounds of entertainment and directing. Known throughout her trade as a “knows best how to get it done” she can easily whip up a new production like no other, and do it with simplest of ease.

In production and acting side of the set she is a woman of few words, but many pleasurable noises, as in moaning and shrieking ecstatically as the pleasure is delivered to her. Her high fem pitched tones can be little extruding as sheer pleasure alone. Stacy never sets to low of a standard in delivery of outright entertaining pleasure for her viewers of xxxstatic delight.

As a director she envisions a little more than outstanding passion to portray through her castings for sexy sets. With a strict adherence to the girl always comes first to set the rules down hard if the boys don’t play to her liking. Her magnetic personality shows a great asset to putting out such great productions time and time again. Not one complaint from actors and actresses starring in her productions, in fact many high regards and never a shy hand to miss volunteering for the next shoot.

On the personal side Stacy is kept well to herself as finding the time for fans is her number one passion, as they keep her at the top of the charts for most desired star to meet. She well stays in character in all her public faces, never really letting off there is any different of a person to know beyond what she lets on. Often quoted by the statement “a mystery is a mystery, and I am first that …. A mystery!” To do is to think and to think is to plan to do, so life is a circle of mystery, so why do now what I can dream to think to do another day, don’t ya think? Who cares for karaoke when there is no judgment while singing in the shower, I only truly care what I think about my singing voice anyway : ) Im not sure there will soon be a greatest hits from my shower, but I will continue to deliver those hits on my own time. I really miss the carefree days of my youth when little worry over day to day concerns was frequent to think about, I still daydream a lot it is a mini vacation from the daily grind.

As easy as I am to get to know, I find people close to me frustrated with my many complexities, but love me none the less, I hope they forgive my quirky actions at times. Men I have felt close to where always blown away by my dynamic kissing abilities, as studying many movies of silver screen to major recent blockbusters, I am and always was fascinated by the delivery of the kiss so I make that my own enigma to kiss as though I were in a movie scene with millions watching every amorous detail of the action at hand. I admittedly like a comedy the best, but never pass up a great romance film, as I see it we are a product of our experiences… I may change my name to Stacywood as my result, what do you think about that?

I am quite into philosophy and reason, as my daydreams have brought me to realize everything does and always will happen for a reason. I have a ton of reasoning to do over many of life’s experiences I have witnessed. I read some odd books according to my friends ranging from sci fi to philosophy and creation, who done it’s, romance of course, and a few historical biography’s. I enjoy a bit of couch time for some new television shows especially American Idol, with the new addition of J.LO, she is amazing. The tele is for watching other peoples drama and reflecting your own day to day across their portrayals.

With my profession as a backdrop I can offer this, I do what I enjoy and it pays real well. Wouldn’t it be crazy to do so many scenes, shoots, and films even into directing now if I didn’t enjoy it? It may sound a little crass but think about it most people go through life wishing they had done something else. I took that to heart as I heard it from so many people over the years, and I feel the minute I quit enjoying something im doing I will move on, I am a strong person and friends say I can be quite the little “bundle of joy” when I don’t get my way : ) As a natural take charge kind of gal that I am, I can deliver the goods… with that said is there anything you the adoring fans would like to see in the new fantasy land of adult films? Let me know, drop me a line I am always out to please.

Exclusive Interview EROMAXX
Stacy Silver

I am back after another sunny weekend, again here with you guys and I have a great pleasure to publish this new interview with mega star Stacy Silver!!! How I’ve already mentioned Stacy came back to the porn biz and what is even better she is doing boy-girl again!!!

Stacy have joined our last Hardcore Live show and she did great and very exciting performance, very hot and very nasty, I think all guys who watched this show must agree. We also add some foot fetish details in the show because there was guy who likes it and Stacy felt very comfortable with it.

How you can see we always take care about our costumers during the live show and try to make all requested stuff they ask for.

Before the show, Stacy was so kind and made a little interview and also we completed her profile, because tastes are changing during ages so here is brand new profile and a little interview with Stacy Silver!!!!


Age: 28

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Fave food: chocolate :-)

Fave drink: Vodka and juice

Fave TV show: love watching MTV

Fave music: Hip Hop

Fave Movie: Dirty Dancing

Fave sex position: Missionary

Fave color: blue


Stacy, is great to see you back, lets me ask you, when did u make your very fist porn movie?

Thank you :-) , great to see you Barbara as well :-) , I am very glad I am back and I hear I still have so many fans, that is very nice to know! Well I think I made my very first movie at 2000, when I was 18, isn’t it crazy!!! :-D

And how long you had a break in your career when you have baby?

It was last three years, I took a break because I wanted take care of my baby for 100 percent! But I was actually missing my work so much so now I am back again!

What makes you to come back?

How I say, I started to missing my job, all my friends from porn biz, my fans, the atmosphere and also I still can make very good money.

What are you working on now?

Secret :-) ….

What is your biggest hobby now, how do you spend your time off?

My biggest hobby is gym, I really like to keep my body in shape. I also like go to the cinema and my biggest hobby is sex of course!!!

Does porn biz changed a lot during your break or you are still seeing “old” friend around?

I am still seeing a lot of people around, some of them staying in porn, some of them coming back just like I did, it is always nice to see my friends and people I know from porn biz again!

Which way you are willing to go in your career?

I am not sure yet, I will just let it go and I will see :-) …

Would you like to leave some message for your fans?

Absolutely: guys, I would like to thank you so much for being my fans also after such a long break in my career, thank you for supporting me, watching my movies and also thank you for watching this live show what I am going to do tonight for Eromaxx Live! Watch me! Stacy Silver xoxox

Interviewed at Friday, April 23, 2010 by Barbara Summer

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